Henley Hughes - Eye wont be seeing you later
Henley Hughes - Industrial Grime - Ancient and Modern
Henley Hughes - Silvery Shimmer
Henley Hughes - Rusty, Aged, Still Strong
Henley Hughes - If looks could kill!
Henley Hughes - Waiting Game
Henley Hughes

1. How did your interest in photography begin?

My Grandad collected old cameras and I liked to see them. But if I am honest I don’t know where it all started. Joining MMPS started from a conversation that happened 8 years before I actually joined from talking to an existing member when they were helping me to buy a camera. I have always liked cameras and photography but just holiday stuff. I somehow ended up experimenting and gaining a passion for abstract photography and the need to know more.

2. What genres of photography are you more interested in?


I am really interested in making my photography a bit harder than for example -  a cat sat at the edge of a road. I would rather have the cat at some speed crossing the road but getting leading lines and other elements involved but naturally. I like macro though but I aim to make it harder to achieve for example – a close up of a branch waving in the wind. My main interest above all has to be animals but in the same way. Not still animals but high speed, playing, swimming and so on.

3. What has been the highlight of your photographic journey?

Being able to focus on something and not worry about my differences. I used to hide behind my camera as I was scared of the world around me. But though going to MMPS meetings and hearing the speakers they have and generally chatting to the understanding and friendly members I can be a person away from the camera. I know I am different, but when I am with MMPS I don’t feel different as they understand that I am eager to learn how to improve my photography.

So, my highlight of my photographic journey has got to be going to the MMPS meetings, outings, socials and workshops. As I am Autistic I can get people confused very easily but at MMPS I don’t feel I do as we all talk the same language.

4. Who has been an inspiration to you in your photography?

Other than MMPS I will say that there are 2 main people who have inspired me. The ways that they have inspired me is great as they blend so well. The first person is Andrew James who not only came to the club I was able to go on one of his public workshops as well. It was his horse based workshop. Now the passion for horses is not the only reason I did this. It was the strength to go and do a normal thing and gain skills. Andrew’s manor of teaching is easy going and fun yet I learned stack loads of skills both for the camera and myself too. The second person is Shy who came to give a talk to the club. When I was talking to her I said that I was a shy person at times so I said ‘I am SHY’ it turns out that is her introduction that she uses to start her talks because of her name. Shy gave me so much confidence in myself from the one to one chats we had and her talk. So, with Andrew and Shy I have gained the camera confidence and personal confidence and how to use them together. 

5. What are your aspirations for the future?

To gain enough experience and skills so that I can get into using my photography in a more professional way through either a job or working with someone else. I may even be able to do it alone. This could be selling images of other items with my photos on/in.


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