Stan Stubbs (LRPS, CPAGB, BPE1)

1. How did your interest in photography begin?

My interest in photography began as a teenager.  I bought my first camera in London's Oxford St.  It was an  Agfa Super Silette.     

2. What genres of photography are you more interested in?

My main interest was Natural History & Wildlife for many years but it was when I joined a camera club that I shot most genres of photography.

3. What has been the highlight of your photographic journey?

I was persuaded to take up judging which has been a highlight of my photographic journey for 25 years.

4. Who has been an inspiration to you in your photography?

The person who has been my inspiration for many years is Andy Rouse the most amazing wildlife photographer.

5. What are your aspirations for the future?

My aspiration for the future is make sure that I never stop learning and continue to develop my photographic skills.  Finally I now get real enjoyment in working with many photographic friends to help develop their photographic skills.

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