John Moore

1. How did your interest in photography begin?

Well it goes back to the start of time when I was about 10 years old, my brother, who was 15, took me to his school where he had the use of a dark room. I was fascinated watching him develop and print his films. I confess that although it held a deep interested and although I have always wanted to, I have never actually developed and printed anything (yet!!)

2. What genres of photography are you more interested in?

I haven't got a clue to be honest. I have waves of interest that might only last a couple of month or so – so I might do landscape and them a couple of months later macro. I don't really have an interest in portraiture which requires more confidence than I possess.

3. What has been the highlight of your photographic journey?

It's always good to have your work recognised and I guess that is where the club comes into it's own. It can be a mystery as to why one image is deemed better than another but with time you come to understand some basic rules that helps you improve – the most important thing is to be happy with your hobby but to always be curious on how things are done.  I have achieved some noteworthy successes over the years at the club not least 'print of the year' last year.

4. Who has been an inspiration to you in your photography?

I am not sure that I have been inspired by any particular photographer. I love what Annie Leibovitz does – she seems to be able to tell a story – for example her images of the royal family were just fantastic particularly when you consider what she is try to say. Ansel Adams saw things in a way that is simple but inspiring as are the images and the story of the life of Don McCullin. McCullin had a big influence on the opinion of people towards the end of the Vietnam War.

5. What are your aspirations for the future?

I have spent the last couple of years trying to 'get' the Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society ( This is the basic level of distinction awarded by the RPS and yet despite this there is only an acceptance of less than 50% which is indicative of the level required. Although I have not yet gained this distinction, I am hopeful that maybe I will enjoy a success  in the not too distant future. 

Our club runs a sub (distinctions) group aimed at members who would like to attain some sort of official recognition. The group has 6 or 8 members and it provides a forum for members to discuss and challenge each other's  images. It is run by Stan Stubbs who has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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