Sky Lark HP
Red Hind YES
Scottish Wildcat
Pine Marten YES HP
NKL_Fallow buck YES V I_5480
Harvest Mouse 3c
Harvest Mouse YES 2
Nick Lane

1. How did your interest in photography begin?

When I was in the Army I was posted to Hong Kong in the early 80’s and took up the hobby with a 35mm SLR  with all the fantastic wildlife there in the Far East It was a great opportunity. Alas other things took over on my return to the uk starting a family etc, I then came back to the hobby again 5 years ago in the digital era.

2. What genres of photography are you more interested in?

Mainly wildlife - deer and birds but have a growing interest in macro wildlife photography.

3. What has been the highlight of your photographic journey?

The growth in my knowledge and skills since joining MMPS thanks to all the good people of the club who have helped me thus far.

4. Who has been an inspiration to you in your photography?

Not sure I have an individual in mind but many individuals whose wildlife photography inspires me to try to push my own boundaries.

5. What are your aspirations for the future?

To get through my CPAG hopefully in 2020 and then take my photography to even higher level.

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